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Marilyn Naylor is a godsend for people who need to get the clutter out of life. Whether you are moving, changing your home décor, or just tired of tripping over “stuff,” Marilyn will come to your rescue with a plan. She sells furniture, consigns items, manages donations to worthy charities, and can haul small stuff away to give you more freedom and flexibility. When you listen to her advice, Marilyn will save you time and make you money.

Pam Jones, Extraordinary Transitions

Two years after moving to our new home here in Leesburg, my shed was chock full of boxes, and large items that I have been holding onto for years. I met Marilyn Naylor at a Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce affiliated networking group. I learned about her incredibly original business idea Transitions with Care.
She takes the items you no longer want to keep and sells them for you using her developed resources. Once the items are sold, she pays you 70% of what they are sold for. Its like having a yard sale without all the work. I finally have breathing space, and I no longer feel as if I just moved in. Marilyn is very professional, and very pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend her service to anyone that has recently moved into a new home.

Christopher Canterbury, Canterbury Graphics

I’ve frequently referred Marilyn and Transitions with Care to my clients, and could not be more pleased with her service! She is kind and efficient, both traits are very important when working with folks who are on a deadline (in the case of my clients, selling their home) and also under much stress from the transitions. Marilyn does this seamlessly. I look forward to referring even more clients her way!

Karen Cooper, Platinum Group Real Estate