Meet Marilyn

I’m Marilyn Naylor, owner, CEO, downsizing specialist, furniture mover, admin. coordinator and general all over jack of all trades.  I have had nine years experience in helping people get rid of their unwanted items, whether we donate, sell or toss them. I have always owned my own businesses, most recently CBoutique & Gift Shop in Leesburg, VA.  It is gratifying to me to work with people, whether they are decluttering, readying their homes for a move or in case of a death. Downsizing can be very stressful and I bring compassion and a love of listening to this profession.

22 years ago I began teaching yoga and I still teach 2 classes a week.  In yoga, we focus on deep breathing and we do the same in downsizing/moving/transitioning.  It helps!

My husband, Frank, and I have lived in Loudoun County, VA. for 30 years and continue to be amazed at the growth and changes here.  We live on 6 acres and have enjoyed gardens of irises and peonies and have planted numerous trees over the years. Being outside renews my spirit.

If you have questions about Transitions with Care or just want to talk about your changes/transitioning, give me a call.